Active collagen peptide lip treatment to volumize, stimulate collagen and hydrate. Works as a lip treatment, mask and balm all in one. 100% natural.


Apply using light pressure in circular motions to distribute peptides into lips

Use as a balm or overnight treatment.



Formulated with 100% natural compounds and clinical results:

After Twenty Four Hours:
100% agreed to significantly increased hydration

After Eight Weeks:
96% agreed they saw significantly sustained hydration


  • A volumizing, nourishing lip treatment with active collagen peptides.

  • Plump | Hydrate | Smooth

    Collagen peptides with a specific molecular weight of 7kDa dissolve into lips to stimulate collagen and elastin, clinically smoothing and plumping lips. Amino acids in the collagen peptides contain a high content of Glycine, Hydroxyproline, and Proline to help collagen synthesis.

    Nourishing Vitamin E, coconut and shea butters deliver key fatty acids and nutrients to moisturize lips and lock in hydration.